Vegetarian Mega Box Limited Edition – Collection Only


We have a very large amount of plant based items from many of the well known supermarkets. Mainly frozen items.

These hampers are limited edition bumper hampers.

About the Trash Cafe

The Trash Cafe Network are a social enterprise tackling food waste and feeding bellies.

The frozen food comes in chilled, usually on or before it’s date. Freezing the food helps to extend its life.


Items past their best before date are about quality not about food safety. I.e the colour or taste may change by this date but is still safe to eat as long as it has been stored correctly.

The contents of these  hampers can vary as we are a food waste product.

These hampers are available to help us raise funds towards our running costs.

Collection for these hampers are Trash Cafe 14 South Street on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 11-12.

Wednesdays are collections from Havant – Eco Freaks, 5 west street Havant, po9 1EJ between 11-3pm or Gosport South street, address between 5-7pm (please add to notes which site for collection).

ORDER DEADLINE: Please remember if you are ordering a hamper for the following day, The cut-off point is 6pm, However the more notice we have the better and this will avoid disappointment.

If you feel the hamper is worth more than the price listed here, there is a donation pot at the collection site or you can add a donation at the checkout.

Thank you for your interest.

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