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PLEASE NOTE that our Hamper Ordering System has changed. Please read the following before ordering so you are familiar with the changes and new ordering process.
Trash Cafe Hamper’s, available for Collection (any day except Sunday – see below) or Delivery (Saturdays and Thursdays).

Collection times are listed below,

DELIVERIES: We aim to have hampers delivered between 11am-3pm depending on round size and traffic. We deliver to PO postcodes excluding the IOW.

ORDER DEADLINE: Please remember if you are ordering a hamper for the following day, The cut-off point is 6pm, However the more notice we have the better and this will avoid disappointment.

About the Trash Cafe

The Trash Cafe is a social enterprise run by volunteers, who on a daily basis rescue food waste that is still fit for human consumption and they distribute this food to anyone and everyone.

Their goals are to educate people about food waste and fight the war on waste.

Everyone is welcome to use the service (they have cafes, a shop and hampers). Food in the shop and cafes are pay as you feel, meaning you decide the value of the food and service and pay in time, cash, skills or item donations.

Every day is different and food varies. Meat is frozen on or before its use by date so it will extend it’s life by at least 3 month depending on the type of meat (All meat comes in fresh not frozen).

Items past their best before date are about quality not about food safety. I.e the colour or taste may change by this date but is still safe to eat as long as it has been stored correctly.

Your donations help towards the everyday running costs of fuel, rent, electric and various other bills.


Collection points and Delivery dates.


See full addresses below.


Gosport Hamper Collection – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays hamper collection is between 11am-12pm. Wednesday is 5-7pm at 49a Stoke Road, Gosport.

Havant Hamper Collection Only – Wednesday’s  between 11am-3pm from Eco Freaks Emporium – 5 West Street, Havant, PO9 1EJ



Payment must be made online on completing this application. Please remember the food in the hampers is still PAY-AS-YOU-FEEL, The “Hamper Fee” simply covers the project costs which include collecting, sorting and distribution of food.
Hampers are priced at £12 if collecting from one of our Distribution Centre,  Pop-Up Cafes or £18 if delivered locally.  Pay-As-You-Feel Donations on top of the fee, are what you feel the contents is worth to you, so we ask you to please value the project. Donations can be made on collection or at checkout on the website.
These donations are what keep the project going and enable us to combat food waste and help the local community.






6 reviews for Trash Cafe Food Hamper (COLLECTION)

  1. Sarah

    Always get good quality, often organic and still lots of life left in them fruit and veg and really expanded our diet with the variety. Excellent way to save good food from going go waste

  2. Steph Suter (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the food hampers, I was struggling to come up with meal ideas each week but now i wait for my hamper and plan meals around what we get – every week is different

    There is so much food in the hampers, all fresh and loads of life in them, they feed myself, my son and my 3 pet parrots each week (we also get a roast hamper on a sunday and a meat hamper once a month)

    I can’t believe this is all “bin” food! I feel proud to be supporting this incredible project whilst saving money for my family at the same time – everyone’s a winner

  3. Hannah Mountney (verified owner)

    A brilliant quantity, quality and range of products.
    The team are so thoughtful in remembering my preferences from before and have even acknowledged obscure requests such as pastry (I couldn’t believe I actually received some!). Not knowing exactly what to expect each week has made me much more creative in the kitchen too. Finally, what’s most surprising is that this perfectly edible – generally delicious and even luxurious – food (M&S, Waitrose, etc.) would’ve been binned! I’m so grateful for this project from a financial perspective but also from a personal one, having got to know and observed those who work tirelessly each week to keep it going. I’ve developed better habits in order to reduce our household waste, and have helped to spread the word to support. Thank you all so much!

  4. Leonie Warnick (verified owner)

    This service has changed my life during the Pandemic.
    I went from eating pasta / survival food hampers to a balanced meal plan, able to enjoy good quality meats and produce.
    Being able to meal plan and cook new dishes each week it heartening. I especially liked the purple sweet potatoes, which I roasted with carrots and chicken cubes.

  5. Alethea

    I was so impressed with our first trash hamper, particularly with the quality of the meat products. My husband was happy as I don’t buy much meat, and the kids were happy as there was a mango and a papaya! It was fun cooking meals with ingredients I don’t usually buy, although the hamper did also include some really useful basics like chicken and root veg. I am ordering another hamper now!

  6. Robert

    Love these hamper so much , I’ve made lots of meals from the meat,fruit ,veg hamper.Nothing goes to waste.its fantastic

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