No waste bag – collection 17/7/24


what’s in the bag?

A mixture of what we have left short dated at the end of the day, which can include fruit, veg, bakery we have lots of bakery cake, bread, pastries.

Collection between 5-6pm at the trash cafe on 17th July 2024

About the Trash Cafe

The Trash Cafe CIC are a social enterprise tackling food waste and feeding bellies.

The frozen food comes in chilled, usually on or before it’s date. Freezing the food helps to extend its life.

Meat is frozen on or before its use by date so it will extend it’s life by at least 3 month depending on the type of meat (All meat comes in fresh not frozen).


If you feel the hamper is worth more than the price listed here, there is a donation pot at the collection site or you can add a donation at the checkout.

Thank you for your interest.


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