What we do

Who are the Real Junk Food Project South Coast?

We are an environmental organisation who are tackling food waste. We collect ‘food waste’ that is still fit for human consumption from various places and offer it to ANYONE & EVERYONE in our cafes or shopping boutiques.

What’s a shopping boutique?

A shopping boutique is a place you can shop, it is surplus food that we are unable to cook with that day/week.

Pay as you feel

We provide a pay as you feel system, you decide the value of your food and our service. At our branch you can do that by offering time, cash, skills or item donations.

Why do we operate a pay as you feel system and not offer it for free?

We use PAYF because food has a value, someone somewhere has had to pay to produce it, grow the food, transport it or market it. We also have to collect the food. By offering a PAYF method people begin to think about the impact. Teaching children & adults where their food comes from. Some people do fill up their bags and walk out with shopping for free, that’s ok. Many though wish to contribute because they understand our mission.
Giving food out for Free only tackles someone else’s problem short term and has no end goal. For example: giving the supermarkets waste out only stops their waste from going in the bin. Our campaign puts pressure on all areas of the chain to stop wasting food. If we stop wasting food by over producing it, planning better at home, and look at dropping best before dates, food would be better quality with a higher nutrition value, it would also come down in cost, not to mention the massive impact to our environment.

We value your pay as you feel donations. Even time. We have so many wonderful volunteers and we have lots of different roles to offer.

Because we welcome everyone and anyone, we are building community. We’ve had Dr’s, Homeless, business owners and families all eat in the same cafe.
Do you think community has been lost in general? We do and we want to continue to build it.

What do we do with our food waste that isn’t fit for human consumption?

Currently our branch that has anything that is not fit for human consumption goes to animal charities, pig farmers, the horses or to compost on our allotment.
Meat & packaging currently goes in the bin but we are planning on changing that this year (2018).

What do we do with item donations?

your item donations really vary. Items like toys and clothes get auctioned or sold. We do work with a number of organisations that receive things to help them i.e like bedding & furniture.
Some of your item donations like cleaning and craft products help us as a project.
We try not to waste anything. Material that cannot be used will be taken to the textile banks.