Here at The Real Junk Food Project South Coast, volunteering is so much more than lending a hand.  We are a project for the community run by the community.  Some people think we are just about cooking but we have so much going on and we’d love to have you join us.

Cafe teams

CHEF Rowner Family centre cafe Thursday 10-2pm we are looking for a chef/s or someone who can cook.  – Tasks will involve cooking and preparing meals at the college, often we don’t always know what we have to cook with in advance, sometimes you will be able to get your creative juices flowing by coming up with new meals.  Ideally hold a level 2 food safety and hygiene certificate, if you don’t we are willing to help get you to that level. Helping to clean the kitchen and cover any kitchen paperwork that needs doing. This is normally the quieter of the 2 Rowner cafes so preparing meals for Fridays cafe would also be helpful if able.

PACKER UPPER/ CLEAN DOWN Rowner Family Centre Thursday 1:30-2:10, Friday 1:30-2:20 any day or times you can help would be amazing. You will be tasked to help make the end of the day easier and will be working along side another person. On Thursdays we pack any food that has not found a home into the trays and stack them in the centre. Change the bins, sweep floors and or mop them if they need to be in the the public cafe area, fill in any paperwork, wipe down tables. On Friday we pack up the trays, any stale bread or food that is unlikely to last the ‘fit for human consumption test’ will be boxed for compost, pigs or the animal shelter depending on its state. Trays will be loaded and stacked carefully into the van with cafe trays closest to the doors so they can be stored correctly at the warehouse or in the fridges, straight away. Cleaning and paperwork also as above. Ideally persons will be able to move and lift often heavy trays.

ALLOTMENT- There are lots of jobs to do down the allotment if you love gardening please get in contact.

STALL HOLDERS- we are looking for people to look after stalls at events we do on the weekends to help us raise money for the project.

Currently dates include 28th July 5-10pm, 29th July 10am-10pm and 30th July 10am-10pm  any hours you can offer would be fab. Role includes cash handling, looking after prizes and being happy and positive.

Donation sorters- A person/s who don’t mind going through donations and picking out quality items to help the project raise funds. Stained items do go to the textiles bank, we try not to waste things if we don’t have to.

E-bay and online donation listing- It takes a good few hours to list donations but every month we need to move donations on so we can raise funds and clear the warehouse down. We need a person who doesn’t mind sitting and listing items for sale.

FUNDRAISERS- Some months we cover our basic expenses, some months we don’t. Then if something goes wrong like a van tyre blows or it breaks down there’s not always money in the pot to fix it. If you are hosting an event or you want to do something amazing to raise money for the project we need to hear from you!


You can contact Chloe@trashcafe.com





Drivers Team